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James Earl Jones in an animal mask
Wine drunk under an overpass
Waxing on tolstoy amongst the broken glass
Feeding that gibberish to the pigeons & rats
Lady Godiva on a cardboard mat
Taking off her clothes to pay the rent
The money she earns she's going to give to her man
And he's going to shoot it as quick as he can
James & his lady with a shopping cart
Collecting debris for a cash return
This bottle of love has a twist cap heart
This bottle is empty this love is a farce
Something we had but it seems to be lost
Hoping that the government will cover the cost
I need a little something that will hit the spot
Because I'm running out of methadone

Heaven is empty all the angels are here
Underneath a bridge with a sobering fear
A mild vibration, feel the end is near
The devil's in the suburbs pulling 80k a year
Trudging through the city with his lady by his side
James Earl Jones just trying to get high
Got to get across town because i know a guy
The road is long for a short supply
James lay down trying to catch his breath
Crashed on the steps like a body shipwrecked
He called out baby I've gotta stop and rest
Heart's beating hard I think I'm gonna be sick
The night's turning cold i see my breath in the air
I'm covered in sweat and i'm shaking with fear
take me by the hand and steer me clear
Because I think I'm out of methadone

Running out of methadone get me to the clinic

Lady Godiva with a rag in her hand
Dabbing at the blood on her lover's chin
Trying to be strong for her dying man
Trying to keep steady her trembling hands
Some people find religion out of searching for gold
Some people find god out of doing what they're told
Some people are only trying to find their way home
Out of the Kingdom of flesh & bone
Let me take off your mask now James Earl Jones
Let me see your face let me hold it close
Let me cover you up with my winter coat
Let me hear your last breath before you leave me alone
James Earl Jones laying dead on the stairs
His lady long gone she had to be somewhere
Just across town where the prices are fair
Besides it's cheaper when you're all alone.

Running out of methadone get me to the clinic


from Earthworm Heart, released November 13, 2012



all rights reserved


The Tom Fun Orchestra

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