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Earthworm Heart

by The Tom Fun Orchestra

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released November 13, 2012

Produced by: Jamie Foulds and The Tom Fun Orchestra
Engineered, MIxed and Mastered by: Jamie Foulds
Additional Engineering by: Albert Lionais
Recorded at Soundpark Studios; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Tom Fun Orchestra:
Albert Lionais - Trumpet, Cornet, Vocals
Breagh Potter - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dave Mahalik - Accordion
Ian Macdougall - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Shane O'Handley - Bass, Guitar, Electric Autoharp, Vocals
Steve Wilton - Drums
Victor Tomiczek - Banjo, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Colin Grant - Violin, String Arrangements
Hinson Calabrese - Double Bass
Carmen Townsend - Vocals
Nathan Richards - Electric, Acoustic & Slide Guitars
Thomas Allen - Drums, Percussion (on Tracks: 1,2,3,5,10,12,13 & 14)
Zachary Maclean - Electric Guitars, Piano
Jamie Foulds -Synth, Electric Guitar

The Flying Horse Singers
Alyce MacLean, Alex Abbass, Alex Sheppard,
AJ Fraser, Andrew Greig, Andrew Lionais, Ashley MacIntyre,
Corey MacMullin, Dinao MacCormick, Harry Doyle, James Walsh
Jenni Welsh, John Gill, Katie Boutilier, Katie Leblanc, Maria Nemis,
Mike Lelievre, Redmond MacDougall, Stephen MacDougall,
Steven Fifield, Thomas Allen, Tori Mackinnon



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The Tom Fun Orchestra

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Track Name: Merry Christmas Jim
God lives underground
In a dark & dirty hole
He's waiting to be found
So we dig to save our souls

Now this town is hollow
We dug until we bled
We never did find god
Found the devil instead

And the ghosts of our families are starving from beyond the grave
You spoke for what's left of us and those who you could not save.

So Merry Christmas Jim
I'm very far from home
But i'm with you I'm with you I'm with you
I'm standing tall.

Trapped in the town that burns you
A canary in a cage
Surrounded by the poison
United by the rage

And the ghosts of our families are starving from inside their graves
They bent and they stumbled until they found out
That what they'd been working for had cast all their doubts.

Watching, waiting
Until they come home

Sometimes they go out
And they don't come home.

There's a siren that I hear
When I'm all alone

I tremble because I know
They won't come home.
Track Name: Rowing Away
Under a knife
Rich in blood
Into the night
Hot with love
Leave the money
Take the drugs
Type the story
Pull the plugs
Leave the scene
Address the fans
Come clean
Shake their hands
Kiss the beasts
Where they stand
Make a move
Change your plans

New term for tomorrow
New take on creation
Trade in your sorrow
For interpretation
Shadows of shorelines
Love is a disguise
The ocean raises a hand and sweeps you in

Under the lights
After the flood
Holding a knife
The hand of god
Rowing away
Into the dusk
The wasted thoughts
Rust into dust
Leave your throne
Take your place
Report back home
Follow the chase
Over and out
And far away
These are the last
Words you will say

A portrait of fallacy
The hands of the ghosts who row
Waiting to go back home

This is my garden
These stories will grow up from the earth
An ocean to guard them
Religion based on their natural birth

The meaning is all used up
The secret is disappointingly clear
A notion to self destruct
A cue card to sum up all your fears

These are my closest friends
And these are my very best years
How time will starve them
Feed my hunger to live through the tears

We're rowing away
Track Name: I Am Bleeding Hallelujah
I'm writing letters to my dead colleagues 
Pollinating their memories
They are reborn upon these words that I adore
They never died inside, you see.
I marked a path across the ocean in a storm
I walked along the open sea
I followed footprints back to the shore
The person waiting there was me

Taught myself the history of my mind
My conscience slept my memory only lied

And from Neil's harbour I saw the edge of time
It smiled upon me and stretched its spine
The crooked houses placed along the shore
Hold the answers through unlocked doors
Coal Stove breakfast and a bottle of beer
Stale bread and a view of the pier
I woke up dizzy as the sky turned gray
Looked out the window I was far away.

Taught myself the history of my mind
My conscience slept, my memory only lied.

Ode to a lonely ghost
On board from a lonely coast
Stretched across the land
Like a fire burning softly in my hand.

I've got a handgun in the hollow of a tree
And three rusty bullets waiting to be set free
I take solace in my mind and fire them into the heart of the land
Enraptured by the Sunset at the end

I am bleeding Hallelujah on a a train to George's Roadhouse with my friends.
Track Name: Dear Eleanor
Dear Eleanor
I think it's safe to say
Curiosity has found you in the strangest place.
I want you
To come back down
I want to see that you've made it safe & sound.

But there's so much world to get caught up in
So many secrets to uphold until they find out
And there's an untold truth to be alone in
Hiding in the softest refrains of your furthest memories

Dear Eleanor,
I'm mirroring your face
I'm holding out the arms that held you
So they might again

And you're stranded at the bottom of the ocean
Hiding in a blue velvet corvette with Jimmy Cagney in the back seat
And you're seeking out some kind of devotion
Hiding in the softest refrains of a sweltering heat.
Track Name: Lungs
A fog has hit the architects
They're sitting in the dark
They can't figure out their lingering doubt
Or why they've lost their spark

Breathe with me
Feel the need
To make it to the morning and live another day
Wave at all your friends
They're with you to the end
They're with you to the end

These lungs have wings
And they fly when you sing
And I float with each and every note
They're weak and ashamed
But they scream your name
Softly until I choke

Breathe with me
Feel the need
To make it to the morning and live another day
Wave at all your friends
We're with you to the end
We're with you to the end

Put the kettle on
We're going to be up late
We've got not time to lose
A milestone every day

A song to say so long
A song to ease your mind
A song to guide you home
A song to be left behind

Rise, rise, rise from your bed. . .
Track Name: Anchors Aweigh
Put your heart in place
Assemble your body again
Rise up from the fog

And take
A million pills a day
Vacation from the pain
Wings with which to fall

Don't wait
To recognize my face
Time won't hesitate
It's an ever-spinning ball

The hardest days
Have the mildest ends
But this is only the dawn

There's a sentimental shrapnel that is breaking me in two
Adorned with gems under my skin they're trying to push on through
I could tell you this was easy but you could always tell the truth
So i'll just sit here scratching at the rust

A fearsome freedom fierce with fate
Takes comfort in your mental state
Cracking up under the weight
Of a disappearing yesterday

Hyperbolic metaphor
A shining bullet to absorb
In a meditative cul de sac
The screen door closed behind my back

But it's calling me back

Feels like someone else I know
A familiar place I used to go
A past that isn't easily shown
But i'm falling through it

Anchors aweigh
The rope is frayed
Soon it will break
We're lost and we're saved.

The moon is raw
And it's hanging on
A silver thaw
Has covered my thoughts

The owls have left their morning nests and they're following close behind
And the dark horse has come out to take me away, the dark horse has come out tonight
Track Name: Earthworm Heart
All the way home
All the way home
All the way home
You followed me here all alone

Blow me a kiss
Blow me a kiss
Blow me a kiss
And i'll hope that it doesn't miss

I've got voices in my head
I've got voices in my head
I've got voices in my head
And they sound just like the living dead

Your earthworm heart
Is beating strong
It's calling you back home
Where you belong

And in the moment
Your knees get weak
You take a breath and fall asleep
Track Name: Animal Mask
James Earl Jones in an animal mask
Wine drunk under an overpass
Waxing on tolstoy amongst the broken glass
Feeding that gibberish to the pigeons & rats
Lady Godiva on a cardboard mat
Taking off her clothes to pay the rent
The money she earns she's going to give to her man
And he's going to shoot it as quick as he can
James & his lady with a shopping cart
Collecting debris for a cash return
This bottle of love has a twist cap heart
This bottle is empty this love is a farce
Something we had but it seems to be lost
Hoping that the government will cover the cost
I need a little something that will hit the spot
Because I'm running out of methadone

Heaven is empty all the angels are here
Underneath a bridge with a sobering fear
A mild vibration, feel the end is near
The devil's in the suburbs pulling 80k a year
Trudging through the city with his lady by his side
James Earl Jones just trying to get high
Got to get across town because i know a guy
The road is long for a short supply
James lay down trying to catch his breath
Crashed on the steps like a body shipwrecked
He called out baby I've gotta stop and rest
Heart's beating hard I think I'm gonna be sick
The night's turning cold i see my breath in the air
I'm covered in sweat and i'm shaking with fear
take me by the hand and steer me clear
Because I think I'm out of methadone

Running out of methadone get me to the clinic

Lady Godiva with a rag in her hand
Dabbing at the blood on her lover's chin
Trying to be strong for her dying man
Trying to keep steady her trembling hands
Some people find religion out of searching for gold
Some people find god out of doing what they're told
Some people are only trying to find their way home
Out of the Kingdom of flesh & bone
Let me take off your mask now James Earl Jones
Let me see your face let me hold it close
Let me cover you up with my winter coat
Let me hear your last breath before you leave me alone
James Earl Jones laying dead on the stairs
His lady long gone she had to be somewhere
Just across town where the prices are fair
Besides it's cheaper when you're all alone.

Running out of methadone get me to the clinic
Track Name: Winter/Spring
In the beginning
There was a snowbird
Laying beside you
Singing the sweetest song

There was blood on its feathers
Blood on its wings and its beak
A path through the snow
that lead to your fallen feet.

Between the bullrushes
The crickets are fast asleep
I heard a songbird sing
Your body is in their dreams

There was blood on its feathers
Blood on its wings and its beak
A path through the snow
that lead to your fallen feet.
Track Name: Boxcar Lullaby
This could be train station art
Or some kind of boxcar lullaby
A reminder of the ugly truth
Burnt beautifully across the sky

The sea the sea is swelling
The birds are restless marionettes
It’s been a long time since we’ve remembered
What we never were supposed to forget

Worn out boots & wooly plaid coats
Trudging along miles of road
The road ends but we keep going
Further than our tracks will show.

And the whales! Will live where we lived
When were we lived gets washed away
Our fields will be the beds of giants
Our streets will be where they lay

And as the snow falls heavy over a blackened ocean
As it swallows the land with a soft emotion
The birds will rest at sea tonight
The birds will rest at sea.
Track Name: Sunshine On My Bones
By the time that I got home
You'd moved on with your life
Someone else's family
Someone else's wife.
I'm dead and gone

The sun shines on my bones
They're hanging in the light
My radiant remains
The purest white

My skeleton will glow
A beacon for your eyes
Ceremony of faith
A funeral for the night

My friend your fever is your glory
You don't belong in her story
The periodic elements of song
Are sounding from above

She said I want you to come home
Because I'm out here all alone
And you're all i've got
I'm tied to this temple with a twisted knot

Harbinger of truth be told
A broken puzzle will unfold
In the shadows of my hope
I tighten my hands around the rope

I tighten my hands around the rope
The lights turned off and someone spoke
I tighten my hands around the rope
My grip is eternal and i can't let go

Catch me
Betray me
I'm drowning
Don't save me
Catch me
Recreate me
I am born.
Track Name: Ulysses
I haven't seen you for so long
I was the emperor for a while
I was channeling your song
And with this
Drink I'll be reborn
I'll mark the moment with some broken glass
I'll stab it in my arm

Is this love?
I think so

And it hits me
Like the final golden storm
Your drink was your third eye
It was your wisdom underscored
The skull has lost its horns
They were carried off by locusts
And buried in your lore

I saw god

As I crawled into my empty room the bugs they swarmed around me
And I smoked until my skin turned blue and the bugs they crawled around me
As I drank myself into my doom
And there were angels in the dust and they were all unconscious.
Track Name: Sympathetic Wolf
Heavy in a fever
A situation in time
You seek comfort in darkness
You close the blinds.  

You say you're restless but tired
I say you're swimming through fire
Can't stay afloat
When you're burning alive. 
Can't stay afloat when you're burning alive. 

There's a mine in the valley
Rich with exotic stones
Marked by a path
Of dead miner's bones

And there's a life in your belly
You're no longer alone
Guard it in a shelter of skin & bones
Guard it in a shelter of skin & bones

There's a light in the doorway
It moves across the floor
Step over the threshold
And meet what's in store

You'll find it's not as bad as the images that you've created
Staring down the barrel of the morning as if you betrayed it. 

There's a mine under the night
And it's sinking with the weight of the day
So get a good look at the moment
Because the moment isn't here to stay

So get a good look at the moment because the moment isn't here to stay
Then close your eyes and count to 10 and you'll be ok.

Tomorrow is cradled in a balance of heartache & metaphor
You'll know it when you get there by the memories you've had before
Hold a lighter to the ashes and wait for them to be reborn

Take a pick axe to the morning
And break into the day
And tear out all the pieces 
That are getting in your way 

There's a silence in the well 
It's been robbed of words to say
As the clouds move overhead
You close your eyes & pray

Hold your breath
Let your watery dreams wash over you
Now wake up and breathe only
Settle in the truth.